Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hitachi going to bring HDTVs With Removable Drives

Hitachi announced they are going to bring in the market High-Definition TVs that come with removable hard drives that can record and store high-def programming. According to a news from Reuters, Users can expand high-definition recording capacity with the new hard drives . According to them Japan's biggest electronics conglomerate will equip plasma TVs and liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs with 250-gigabyte internal hard drives and removable 80-GB or 160-GB drives starting on April 20 in Japan. Hitachi is pricing the larger 160-GB removable drive at around 35,000 yen ($300) and the 80-GB hard drive at around 20,000 yen. The 160-GB drive can record 32 hours of programmes.

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