Sunday, January 7, 2007

HD Everio GZ-HD7 : World's First Full HD 1920x1080i Consumer Camcorder from JVC

  • JVC expands its award-winning Everio hard drive camcorder family with the addition of the HD Everio GZ-HD7, a new high definition camcorder that provides full HD 1920x1080i video quality combined with the convenience of hard drive recording.
  • Designed to enable consumers to conveniently capture and share their memories in full high definition without the need for removable tapes or discs, the HD Everio offers consumers the simplicity of a point-and-shoot camcorder combined with the features, technology and manual controls that appeal to the serious videographer.
  • With a 60GB built-in hard drive the JVC HD Everio provides up to five hours of full HD 1920x1080i recording at a high 30Mbps(MAX) Mbps.
  • To ensure the best possible image quality, it features three CCDs and a Fujinon lens.
  • Also include optical image stabilization, a full array of manual controls, multiple digital connections, bundled editing and archiving software, and availability of an optional HD Everio SHARE STATION for easily transferring footage to disc.
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